Low-Purine Diets Can and Will Fail You- Learn more!

Is a healthy diet important to gout control? ABSOLUTELY! However, focusing solely on purines can lead to trouble. Only 30% of uric acid production stems directly from the purines in foods. The other 70% is manufactured from the dying cells in our body. Cells die at a much higher rate in the presence of unhealthy and unbalanced diets, improper hydration, stress, medications, environmental toxins, weight problems, and our overall lifestyle.

We cannot fully control all of the toxins and acids in our environment that contribute to our cellular degeneration. Perfect diets can be quite challenging, if not impossible. We MUST approach gout healing and continued gout control with a fully comprehensive plan including diet, lifestyle, vitamins, and supplement(s) to provide the best support system possible.

Purines are found in every plant and animal cells. They include adenine, guanine, hypoxanthine, and xanthine. Purines constitute one of the major parts of our genetic codes, DNA and RNA, and energy molecules such as ATP, GTP and coenzyme A. Purine molecules are essential to all of life.


Four Reasons that Low-Purine Diets fail to control Gout:

1) Only 30% of uric acid production stems from dietary purines.

2) 70% of uric acid production comes from our own body’s cells

3) Many “low-purine” foods are absolutely horrible for your health.

4) Many “high-purine” foods are extremely good for your health.

Our diet and lifestyle directly impact the health of our cells.

How much control do we actually have over 70% of our uric acid production?

The health of your cells is affected by many things such as stress, sickness, body weight, hydration, medication use, lifestyle choices, acidic eating habits, etc. These factors can alter your body’s ability to properly dispose of the accumulating, excess uric acid.

While purines may be one piece of this puzzle, it remains a rather small piece in the grand scheme of gout control. Solely following a purine chart can allow someone to indulge in sugar and alcohol yet avoid spinach.


We must be careful and understand all components involved this painful condition. Further, almost everything we eat has purines in it or causes excess purines to be released by our system.

You may have ‘trigger foods’ that spark an attack. A purine-rich meal may push your ‘already full’ glass over the edge and into an attack. However, be sure to understand things were already brewing and these triggers simply tipped the scale. There is a much larger picture here, and a management approach that will be key to avoiding the damage and doom of advanced stage Gout. Cellular repair and regeneration is the ONLY way to do this!

Cellular repair is possible, and 100% necessary to truly address the problem. It cannot be done without a fully comprehensive repair approach (diet, lifestyle, water, and high-potency, cell repairing herbs and vitamins.)

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6 responses to “Low-Purine Diets Can and Will Fail You- Learn more!”

  1. CJ WORTH Avatar

    I am very interested to receive any/all/new information regarding uric acid (mine has been running +/- 8)

    I am an 85yo white male, in reasonable health, no history of heart problems.
    My uric acid problem has been ongoing for more than a year. I cut out 99% of fuctose foods. I eat a lot of leafy-dark green vegetables and almost no red meat, yet my uric acid runs from 7 to 8.2.

    1. Jaime Avatar

      Hi Mr. Worth! I would suggest filling out our free questionnaire so we can get a better gauge on any other potential problem areas that could use some tweaking. It could be as simple as needing some organ boosting herbs to take you to the next level of success. But, I’d like to see your diet in more detail, as well as your water intake, and general lifestyle. Fill this form out when you can so I can help more: https://www.ahr4health.net/inflammation-assessment-form/

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