Uric Acid- Both Helpful and Destructive – Learn Why!

Humans excrete a nitrogenous waste, uric acid. It is the product of nucleic acid, not a protein of the metabolism.

Uric acid is the end metabolism product of purine, purine being the nitrogen-containing compound that occurs in nucleic acid. Confusion arises between the purine and protein, but they’re a dissimilar chemical structure entirely. Even so, most foods that contain protein, also possess purines.

Important Facts:

  • Uric Acid protects our cells and our DNA.
  • We need Uric Acid to maintain healthy blood vessels and blood flow.
  • Uric Acid is formed from the recycling of our cell’s genetic material.
  • Not having enough Uric Acid can cause harmful medical effects.
  • Excessive amounts of Uric Acid can cause harmful medical conditions.

Uric acid is the product resulting from the body breaking down purines. Purines are chemical substances that occur both naturally in the body and in some foods. Having healthy levels of uric acid in the blood is normal, and actually helpful. Uric acid accounts for more than half of the powerful antioxidants found within our blood plasma. However, high levels can be quite destructive and result in conditions such as Gout, Kidney Disease, and more.

Uric acid levelMalesFemales
lowbelow 2.5 mg/dLbelow 1.5 mg/dL
normal2.5–7.0 mg/dL1.5–6.0 mg/dL
highabove 7.0 mg/dLabove 6.0 mg/dL

Uric acid is only slightly soluble in water and may precipitate out of solution contributing to the formation of kidney stones. However, Uric Acid can also build up in the blood. The medical term for this is known as Hyperuricemia and stems from overproduction and/or underexcretion of uric acid. Additionally, Uric acid may also procure needle-like crystals in one or more joints, producing the excruciating pain of an acute gout attack.

Risk Factors

  • High blood pressure
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Diabetes
  • Being Male (although growing in females)
  • Alcohol
  • Imbalanced diet
  • Diuretics
  • High fructose (sugar) in the diet
  • Some medications (immunosupressants)
  • Health conditions that cause rapid turnover of cells (cell death)

Keep in mind, Uric acid blood levels can vary from day to day. The level is usually higher in the morning and lower in the evening.

Abnormal levels can indicate a number of different health conditions. However, unnaturally suppressing Uric Acid with prescription drugs can have grave consequences to other areas of your body.

Uric acid happens to be one of THE most abundant liquid antioxidant in the body. As a potent DNA protector, it is critical for us to stop trying to suppress or eliminate its presence with dangerous prescription drugs. Over-production and under-excretion are a cellular health problem, not a direct uric acid problem.

It is vital that you understand everything there is to know about Uric Acid


  • important it is to have enough uric acid in the body
  • dangerous too much or too little can be
  • Uric Acid may be affecting your body directly
  • to avoid medical conditions caused by excess Uric Acid
  • to do it safely, naturally, and without dangerous drugs

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