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Welcome!  We are a small, family-owned company and fellow Gout/Inflammation sufferers.  We began in the infancy of the internet, back in 1998. Can we say, “dial up”? Many of you can recall that sound and the required patience. Haha! We’ve grown with the times but remain a relevant leader in our industry over two decades later. 

What began as tinkering with various herbs to try and resolve a personal case of Gout eventually led to working with a leading pharmaceutical company to develop our original, signature product, GC® GoutCare.  Smith and Smith Enterprises was born with one goal in mind – to help others suffering with a terribly painful condition in the same manner that the original owner was able to help himself. 

To say that it has been rewarding helping tens of thousands of people over the years enjoy pain free lives would be an understatement.  We’ve taken each individual case as seriously as it should be and passionately set out to resolve their condition. We help tailor a healing plan to match your body, your needs, and your journey. 

Throughout the years we’ve encountered several cases that were tough to resolve; cases whereas the joint damage and years of suffering had been extensive.  We have been fortunate enough to have gained the trust of so many and personally guided these extreme cases with the due diligence required to attain their healing and success.

We developed other popular products such as Friendly Fighters® Probiotics and Body Boost Mega Mulitivitamin to help many bridge their good bacteria and vitamin deficiencies so the herbs in GC® could be more readily absorbed. And so came our next level of success with some of the “harder to heal” cases we saw occasionally.

As the years went on, we found more and more people suffering with a wide range of Inflammatory conditions, in addition to their Gout.  This made their quest for healing and repair that much more challenging.  Aside from dietary and lifestyle adjustments, some people just needed stronger herbal support. Smith and Smith Enterprises partnered with some brilliant minds and Alternative Health Research LLC, along with another signature product, Flamasil®, was born.   Flamasil® was able to take that repair to the next level.

We have continued our research and thirst for knowledge to keep bringing you the soundest dietary and lifestyle advice, coupled with top notch health supplements to address a wide array of health concerns.  Once Gout specialists only, we can now provide the steps and products to help support and boost your vital organs, regulate healthy inflammatory responses, and repair the body at the cellular level to manage a host of ailments.

Any supplement company that tries to sell you a pill as the only thing you need to do to help repair your body is disingenuous.  We pride ourselves on helping you take a deep dive into everything you eat and do that could contribute to your condition.  Repairing and managing your health may not be an overnight fix, but we guarantee not only is it possible, but it will be well worth it.  These two quotes say it all.

Take care of your body

It’s the only place you

have to live in.

Maxime Lagace

Health is not valued

until sickness comes.

Dr. Thomas Fuller

About the Owner

I can recall many summer vacations to our local beach town, Ocean City, MD.  I have had many great memories there over the years, but two summers stand out, and not for the most pleasant of reasons.

Our tradition was to spend the first day there grocery shopping and prepping food for the week.  This made it easy to grab and go to the beach each morning and of course save money on not eating out three meals a day.  However, we always made sure to set aside one night around the middle of the vacation week to splurge on an all you can eat seafood buffet.  This was something we all looked forward to – until……….

My father was a strong man, rarely ill, and even if he was sick, you wouldn’t really have known.  That was until the dreaded Gout attacked him.  One year he paid dearly for that crab leg feasting and was stuck in bed with a knee that was so swollen and painful that even the weight of a light sheet was too agonizing to handle.  He was MISERABLE! And just like that, the Patriarch and the vacation “fun guy” of our family was rendered incapacitated for the remainder of our trip. I hated seeing him in so much pain. It was truly terrible.

Fast forward 10 years and while I was carrying on the traditional summer trip with my own family, I woke up to find myself suffering with the same fate.  “NO WAY”, I thought.  There is no way that this pain in my Achilles and heel could be Gout!!??  I was only 23 and a female, both very rare at the time for such a diagnosis.  Alas, it was certainly the case.  I, too, was now officially a “Gout sufferer”. 

Lucky for me, my father was already a daily user of a product known as GC® GoutCare.  It was the first of its kind and the only dietary supplement specifically for Gout on the market back then.  I had him overnight me a bottle and sure enough, I was able to attain almost immediate relief having gotten a hold of it so early on.  There isn’t a day I would go without it and so thankful that I was already a pro at dealing with this terrible condition.

My son is also an important testimonial to another popular product of ours, Flamasil®.  He suffered a horrendous motorcycle hit and run accident when he was only 21.  He was basically broken from head to toe and extremely lucky to have survived.  As a result of several injuries, surgeries and metal rods/plates necessary to put him back together again, he suffers with Arthritis at a very young age.  I made him start taking Flamasil® every day. Despite his initial resistance and doubt, he won’t go a day without taking it and really feels it if he misses a dose.  It has been a life saver for him, quite literally.

Needless to say, I have been fortunate enough to make a career out of these personal experiences, joined the team behind its development, and now officially a partner/owner.  I love being able to carry on this legacy and truly helping others just like myself, my father, and my son. I enjoy providing a ton of free information across our websites and aiming to end the confusion of so much misinformation out there. Education is key to success and our health is no exception to that rule. Welcome and thank you!

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