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August 24th, 2017

Gregg F. — Verified purchase

Have been using Flamasil and Friendly Fighters for…

Have been using Flamasil and Friendly Fighters for years. They are both wonderful products that really work. Trying the Gluco100 this time, to see if it will help my borderline diabetic condition. Thanks!

May 16th, 2023

Jeffrey G. — Verified purchase 

Gout Cure Supplement

I have been using this supplement called Gout Cure for better than 15 years… I tested it to make sure it was working several times by not taking it and 3 days later symptoms of gout are back. Started back up using it and in 2-3 days I am back to normal… So I take it regularly and I do not have issues. Does what it says. Blood testing all proved it control of uric acid in the blood level. Great product!

April 16th, 2023

Greg W. — Verified Purchase

Product Works Great

Have been using Gout Cure for over 10 years. Had a gout attack and wanted something other than the prescription medicine the Doctor wanted to prescribe. Researched on line and found this product. On line purchasing was easy, quick and Gout Cure arrived two days later. Have sampled to many friends and they are now users. Use it every day and if I feel an attack coming I increase the amount for a few days and ward off the gout attack. Best product ever if you are a gout suffer.

February 18th, 2023

Grace P — Verified purchase

My husbands favorite go to for Gout flare up

I am a chiropractor and access too all kinds of supplements. This is my husbands favorite that he consistently gets the best results with

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