Are Your Cells Healthy and Happy? Cellular Death and Disease

Cell Death & Cellular Toxicity

Considering that all disease occurs at the molecular and cellular level, could all disease share common causes and common solutions?

Toxic damage to cells leads to cellular death, and in large numbers can result in tissue and organ damage/failure. Some tissues and organs hold the capacity for self-repair, while others have no ability to regenerate. For example, the liver can repair damaged sections by fibrous replacement, whereas the nervous system tissue has no ability to regenerate itself. Of course, even the liver will have trouble if the damage is severe and/or continues to suffer from abuse.

Stress on the cells, tissue, and organs must be removed in order to reverse, or at least repair some of the damage that has taken place. Cancer cells are only deadly because they are no longer capable of dying quickly and efficiently. Cancer cells go rogue, leaving others behind and wildly proliferating. Apoptosis, or programmed cell death, is a natural occurrence, shared only by cells that are healthy enough to die.

However, increased apoptosis leads to some of the well-known and chronic conditions plaguing our population today. Unfortunately, modern medicine to address these chronic conditions happens to be contributing even further to deficiency, toxicity, and disease. Overuse of antibiotics, unnecessary surgeries, x-rays, prescription drugs, etc. each cause cellular malfunction and further our serious health issues.

Healthy Cell vs Unhealthy Cell

Diseases that once affected only the elderly have now trickled down to much younger people.

A century ago only 2.5 percent of our population was diagnosed with Cancer. Some say half of our population will suffer with some form of cancer in their lifetime. HALF!

As we’ve discussed throughout much of this website, almost all disease shares a commonality of inflammation. Inflammation generates free radicals that damage our DNA and cell membranes. Inflammation is the result of electrolyte imbalances and deficiencies, overly acidic and/or overly alkaline body environments, and more. Diet, dehydration, prescription drugs, OTC drugs, toxin encounters, etc. lead to the unhealthy body environments that happily hosts chronic inflammation. It can become quite a vicious cycle.

Also discussed throughout much of our site is the fact that a small percentage of uric acid directly stems from the purines in foods. Dying cells contribute to the largest portion of uric acid, some 70%, in fact. This area of concern doesn’t only pertain to the fact that these dying cells cause excess uric acid, it also speaks to the danger of what else massive cellular die-off means to your health as a whole.

Heal the Cells – Heal the Body

The regenerative process on the body is possible with a comprehensive approach, physically and emotionally. A better lifestyle includes stress management and healthier choices all around. We do hold the power to repair and regenerate the vital systems of our body, but we must be willing to put forth the right amount of effort to accomplish this.

From a diet perspective:

– Remove bad fats and replace with the good fats. Trans fats, hydrogenated, and GMO oils are toxic. Coconut oil, cold-pressed olive oil, grass fed butter and ghee, and palm oil should be used, instead.

– Avoid factory farmed animal products. Consume grass-fed and pastured meats, eggs, and dairy. Only consume wild-caught fish, NOT farmed! Low mercury selections include salmon, sardines, mussels, trout, and mackeral.

– Avoid ALL processed grains and inflammation! Breads, pastas, and crackers all quickly turn into sugar in the body. In fact, two slices of whole grain bread spike the blood sugar as much as a can of soda! Most of today’s grains are also genetically modified and our bodies simply don’t recognize them as food. This all contributes to cellular inflammation.

– Look at your plate. You should also see mostly fresh veggies, herbs, spices, some fruit, and fermented foods. Aim for only 30% of that plate to be your protein.

– Hydration is crucial! Drink no less than 1/2oz of water per pound of your body weight. Avoid chlorinated (city) water.

Diet and Lifestyle play a HUGE role in the success of bodily repair.

Food, water, spices, vitamins, herbs, and therapeutic actions (meditation, exercise, listening to music) can significantly elevate the body’s regenerative process. Together they, and you, can take control of your health and begin repair. While some parts will remain permanently damaged, there are many areas where an overhaul can bring you the quality of life you have been missing.

Your cellular health also relies on the help of nutritional supplementation to add and support missing elements in even the most perfect diet. Anti-inflammatories (natural) and antioxidants defend against free radicals and fight to keep the DNA intact. Herbs and spices can go above what food antioxidants can offer by isolating their key components and presenting in a way that is quickly and efficiently absorbed. This solely depends on the quality of extraction, purity, potency, and production. Not all vitamins and supplements are created equally!

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