Does Gout increase my risk of heart problems?

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Patients with incidences of gout have a 44% increased risk of first-time ACS, higher in women than in men. This risk is largely explained by the underlying comorbidities, but there is still a modestly increased risk that may be due to gout-related factors.

“Gout is not just a disease of the joints: It’s a disease that causes inflammation in the joints and in the body. It’s not just a pain in the toe – it affects other organs, too, including the heart,” said Singh, a gout researcher and professor of medicine and epidemiology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

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  1. Monroe Mack Avatar
    Monroe Mack

    What effect does drinking beer have on gout

    1. Jaime Avatar

      One way or another, moderate to heavy alcohol consumption can pose a threat to our health. Certain conditions such as Gout and Arthritis can be triggered by the consumption of alcohol — certain types of alcohol more so than others.

      People who suffer with RA, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Lupus are advised to stay away from beer due to the gluten content. If you have Celiac disease and consume gluten-laden beer, then the immune system attacks the lining of the small intestines. When you increase the inflammatory responses in the body, joint pain can ensue. Some peoples have a histamine intolerance. Histamine is a by-product of the brewing process and can also cause joint pain.

      Heavy beer consumption can also cause weight gain adding even more stress to the aching joints. Beer and alcohol consumption can also lead to dehydration. Dehydration can cause increased muscle soreness and joint pain further negatively impacting those suffering with Fibromyalgia. Beer contains various ingredients that could trigger the immune system reaction and directly affect any condition involving joint pain.

      Beer happens to negatively impact the Gout sufferer more so than wine and spirits. Why is this? Time and again we have stressed the point of avoiding an obsession with purine content by way of deciding how to control Gout. However, in the case of beer we are dealing with something that is both high purine AND high in acid, as well as other undesirable additives found in most American beer products. Beer gets the bulk of its purine content from brewer’s yeast, which has about three times the purines as baker’s yeast.

      Generally speaking, alcohol can trigger a Gout attack for many reasons. Not only is it acidic in nature, but it also dehydrates, strips vital nutrients, places strain on the liver and kidneys, and makes the cells of the body work harder to regenerate. When you add a high purine content to the above dangers, one is bound to face consequences.

      Sadly, we have found most American beers to contain undesirable GMO additives, and even high fructose corn syrup, raising the ‘unhealthy and risky bar’ that much higher. Do not fear a single, organic sourced beer on occasion, but if Gout free is your goal, you may want to steer clear of much beyond that.

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