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Category: Natural Supplements and Prescription Drugs (2)

Yes. We have many customers that take both successfully without any issues.

Prescription medications all very acidic and hard on the body Our products and program will address this and support the very areas of the body that medication takes a toll on.

While garlic is known to help thin the blood, the dosage in our products in minimal and generally of no concern. Continue to monitor with your doctor as many could even enjoy the benefit of natural blood thinning abilities and work with their physicians to reduce their prescription meds which typically come with a host of negative side effects.

Our formulations contain carefully selected, food sourced based herbs that are gentle, complimentary, and safe to take with other medications. Many people develop Gout because of prescription medicine as their side effects involve the very systems of the body needed at max capability to clear uric acid (namely liver and kidneys). Our products and program can help address these concerns, boost the organs’ functions, and support the body.

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