E-Book Guide To Gout Control



113 E-book Pages of answers to your most important questions- Great for present and future
reference, inclusive of topics found below.

*Learn about the different causes of gout
*Quickly stop a gout attack in progress
*Diabetic, HBP and Cholesterol tips with Flamasil® / GC GoutCare®

*How to use Flamasil® / GC GoutCare® with other medical conditions
*Foods and recipes to eat while under attack
*Diet tips for maintenance of gout control

*Tips on antibiotic and other medication use
*How to eat without fear while taking Flamasil® / GC GoutCare® daily
*How to live gout free and get back to your life



You have so many questions when it comes to this disorder. Many of these questions are not being answered for you during a visit to the doctor or a surf through the web. These sources only add contradicting and confusing information in your quest for help. It really doesn’t have to be so difficult. Some things are easily explained in “Layman’s Terms” resulting in a better understanding of how you ended up with gout, and how you can gain control of it for good.

This booklet provides you with detail on its development and factors involved with gout and inflammation!

We also explain how and why our GC® product is so effective in battling this disorder to end your attacks; how some simple lifestyle balance adjustments along with the use of GC can end your gout attacks; and help you target the underlying causes for its development in the first place. This is a guide you will make room for on your bookshelf! It will serve a great purpose now, during your healing process, and continued reference in the future for the important tips and reminders.


This booklet was developed with answers to the questions from our wonderful customers over the last many years of business (since 1998). These are the same questions we are sure you have and would love answers to when it comes to the use of our product(s), the best approach to your successful healing process, as well as how to maintain your gout-free achievement for good.


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